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Allison White

Shoulder pain used to keep my up at night I’ve been suffering ongoing shoulder problems for years. I’d get terrible pain and weakness, certain movements proved especially painful like snatch, toes to bar and even burpees hurt! They were also sore at night often waking me and ruining my sleep, I was not only in…

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Crossfit West Dublin

GLC2000 – NOT JUST FOR THE ELITE ATHLETE By Lorna Heyes – Owner of Crossfit West Dublin GLC2000 has helped elite competitive Athletes across the globe, across a wide range of sports, however GLC2000 is not just for the high end athlete. Why should ordinary regular recreational athletes like myself miss out on the benefits…

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Alec Harwood

‘Overcoming Painful Wrist Mobility Issues’ I have struggled with tight wrists and shoulders ever since I started crossfit and weightlifting.The worst part for me was the dorsiflexion of my wrists being in a push up or handstand push up was tricky and often painful. “specialists told me to rest or stay away from stressful positions”…

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Eloy Rodriguez

GLC2000 means I’m back competing Before competing in the 2014 Crossfit regionals I injured my shoulder. I decided to compete anyway and this unsurprisingly only made my shoulder worse. After the event I rested my injured shoulder for over a month and it still wasn’t any better. I decided to order some GLC2000, I’m so…

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Mary Hulgraine

My Shoulder is no longer a worry I dislocated a shoulder playing basketball in college in USA. I had surgery to sort it, and everything seemed fine. I had no pain until I started lifting again months later. Lifting again caused me constant aches and pains, and so I thought my career would be short…

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