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GLC2000 UK has helped 47,643 happy customers in the UK & Europe get results with their  joints.

Working closely with GLC Direct (USA) we have spent 11 years providing the unbeatable GLC2000 formula across Europe and are now pleased to be able to serve customers in the United States.


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  • Designed in the United States of America
  • Patented GLC 2000 Formulation
  • Exact Manufacturing Process
  • Batch Tested For Quality
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GLC® 2000 Joint Formula (1000 mg) 240 Capsules

Same Great Product – (slightly) Different label and tub

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Unique Joint Formula

GLC2000 uses a patented combination of ingredients key for joint health in effective quantities.

ALL FOUR forms of Glucosamine

Each with unique properties for the function of joint and connective tissue.

Highest Quality Chondroitin

Readily used by cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

Superior Availability & Absorption

GLC2000 is patent protected as it demonstrated superior absorption and availability of it’s key active ingredients compared to other products.

Research Backed Dosing Strategy

Over 50 years of clinical research helped design the GLC2000 tailored dosing strategy. To ensure the right number of active ingredients are available to your joints.

Independently Batch Tested

Safe for athletes, effective for all. Each batch of GLC2000 is screened by Informed sport for banned substances, as well as being independently verified that it meets all label claims.

2x The Industry Standard

Based on tailored dosing recommendation each tub of GLC2000 lasts on average 60 days.

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Weight 334 kg
2nd order even faster!
Pam, South Dakota

Verified Review

Exceeded my expectations. I am disappointed that i cannot get GLC2000 the US and the first time i ordered from England it took a few weeks. But this last time was very quick!

Good Delivery
Keith Fairbanks, Kansas

Verified Review

I love GLC 2000. Delivery isn’t like when I used to order from amazon. But it got here in less than 3 weeks – which is good from the UK.

Happy to have found it again
Jeanine Stiles, California

Verified Review

The best joint supplement I have ever used! I couldn’t get this through Amazon or another source and was upset. I searched and found the UK website and very grateful to be able to buy it again. Delivery was faster than I thought.

Thank God this product is back on the market
Katarzyna Saczko, Oregon

Verified Review

While I wish it was available in the US again, I’m happy that I can buy this from the UK. Delivery was quite swift and not too pricey.

9 Ways We Meet The Worlds Highest Quality Standards

From Individual Ingredients To Complete Product

Formulated by joint health experts with 30 years of experience

The patented GLC2000 formula was developed by a team of joint health specialists with over 30 years of experience. Developed using more than 50 years of clinical research and trials. Has been proven to increase bioavailability of active compounds. For unrivalled results.

Made in Europe with the highest safety and purity standards

GLC2000 is produced in Europe in our state of the art purpose built facility. It is made with precision machinery in small batches to ensure ultra-high quality for every capsule. We go over and above to exceed the most rigorous EU standards and deliver the purest formulation to our customers.

Pure ingredients from suppliers we know and trust

We source our ingredients after months of research and in–person meetings with suppliers. We work with just a few suppliers and visit them regularly to ensure we always get sustainable top-quality ingredients.

Three step quality control for every single batch

Every ingredient in our formula goes through a rigorous 3-step quality assurance testing so we are certain of each capsules purity, quality and potency. So you can be certain that every ingredient is clean, pure, and optimally-dosed to deliver you the promised results.

Ingredients and Dosages based on scientific data

The ingredients in GLC2000 have been patented as they demonstrated superior absorption and assimilation to generic joint formulas. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for joint health benefits after pouring over thousands of scientific studies. They are in the exact doses shown in studies to deliver the best results.

100% Natural with no fillers, binders or additives

Each capsule of GLC2000 is packed full of pure active ingredients only – to maximise bioavailability, absorption and potency.

Heavy metal tested

We use state of the art laboratory detection equipment to certify that GLC2000 is 100% free from heavy metals.

Free from dairy, gluten, sugar and GMO’s

GLC2000 is free from all dairy, gluten, sugar and GMO ingredients. To prioritise your health.

Informed Sport Certified

Trusted by professional athletes. Each batch is independently tested for harmful & banned substances.


GLC2000 users in the US have let us know that they’re finding it tough to find any GLC2000 right now.

Lucky for you that we’ve got a LIMITED SUPPLY available to serve some US customers who are having a hard time getting their GLC2000.
We’ve been selling GLC2000 in England since 2012 and been using GLC products since around 2003.

We’ve never needed to offer our services to customers in the United States until now. And now we’re here to share some of our great products with you at the best price we can.
Our UK factory doesn’t have the same labeling machines so we’ve opted for traditional stick on labels.

We've also squeezed the full 240 caps into slightly smaller tubs to make sure we’re using less plastic during manufacturing.

So you can get the same great product in a (slightly) different package.
Your order is shipped from our purpose built UK warehouse. Using Royal Mail Tracked International Service.

Once your order is received and packed you’ll be sent a tracking number to keep an eye on the progress of your order.

Estimated time of arrival is 3-4 weeks (although we have had some customers say it has been a little faster).
Yes, the very same great GLC2000 formula. We worked with the US team to provide a product that is the exact same high standard as you’ve come to expect from all GLC2000 products.
We have allocated a LIMITED SUPPLY of GLC2000 for customers in the United States.

We did not anticipate having to send product internationally and want to avoid a stock shortage for our UK, Ireland and European customers.

So please order today to avoid disappointment.
We are committed to providing you with the best value possible.

And with the international shipping prices being so high it wouldn’t be cost effective to ship single tubs all the way across the Atlantic ocean.
We’re customers just like you. We found out how great GLC2000 is almost 20 years ago.

Before long we were ordering $1000’s of GLC2000 from the US for ourselves, friends and family.

Soon it got to the point where we were able to spread the word about how good GLC2000 is and with permission start selling GLC2000 products in the UK and Ireland. And more recently across Europe.

And now we're happy to be able to help you as well.
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