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Allison White

Shoulder pain used to keep my up at night

I’ve been suffering ongoing shoulder problems for years. I’d get terrible pain and weakness, certain movements proved especially painful like snatch, toes to bar and even burpees hurt! They were also sore at night often waking me and ruining my sleep, I was not only in pain but exhausted too.
It became a vicious cycle of resting my shoulders then training them only for them to become sore again. I became weaker in movements that I’d have to rest when all other areas of my training massively improved, which was very frustrating.
Allison BoB OHSMy coach started to use GLC2000 and had great results so suggested I try it too.

‘I’ve started to feel much stronger and confident in my shoulders’

I began to notice less soreness at first, the nightly ache wasn’t as severe so my sleep wasn’t as disturbed. I started to feel much stronger and confident in my shoulders so increased the movements I’d limited before.
I’ve since had great improvements overall, have gone from strength to strength and couldn’t be happier with the results from GLC2000. I want to continue to train hard, improve and get stronger for many more years to come now I feel I will be able to.

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