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Eloy Rodriguez

GLC2000 means I’m back competing

Before competing in the 2014 Crossfit regionals I injured my shoulder. I decided to compete anyway and this unsurprisingly only made my shoulder worse.
After the event I rested my injured shoulder for over a month and it still wasn’t any better. I decided to order some GLC2000, I’m so glad that I did..
After using GLC2000 for 3 weeks I was able to start hanging off a pull up bar pain free. After completing a 2 bottle course my shoulder is now back to normal.

Without GLC2000 I doubt my shoulder would be back to full strength and mobility now

Eloy Rodriguez
Asian Region Crossfit Athlete // Strength and Conditioning Coach Kuwait // Westside Barbell Strength Coach // PICP Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach-State Level // Performance Movement Taping Specialist // Crossfit Level 1 & Powerlifting Trainer // Swedish Massage Therapist // Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapist // REPS 3 Personal Trainer & Nutritionist
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