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Alex Clarke – Stubborn Wrist Injury

In the Summer of 2014 I injured my wrist catching a heavy clean. It slipped off my shoulder and bent my wrist at a very awkward angle. As a full time coach this did more than affect my training, it meant I struggled to demo even the most basic of movements. Push ups hurt, overhead…

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Katarina Wiemeyer

Mobility, Recovery & Injury Prevention for Weightlifters Weightlifting is a tough sport, there are so many benefits that come from strength training, however recovery and looking after yourself is very important. A few weeks ago we helped our coach out being demo models and extra pairs of eyes when he was running a beginners Olympic…

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17.3 Mobility & Strategy Guide

Helping You Fail Fewer Snatches The Open WOD 17.2 saw some absolutely amazing performances, with many people getting their first T2B or even BMU. Congratulations to GLC2000 athletes Samantha Briggs & Emma Mcquaid who after 2 open workouts are sitting in 1st and 8th place in the world! Bye Bye Dumbells – Hello Chest to…

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Top Athletes

Behind the scenes at the GLC2000 UK Athlete Camp 2017 Training Is a 9 – 5 We are lucky enough to work with elite Crossfit athletes regularly. Most have them have been using our product way before they were top athletes. These athletes all treat their training as a full time job; absolutely everything they…

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Sonny Webster

94KG U23 British Snatch & Total Record Holder When I am training I always struggle with knees, especially when volume ramps up ahead of a competition. I heard lots of really positive things about GLC2000, so wanted to try them in the lead up to the IWF Houston Worlds. My preparation for the Worlds went…

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