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Alec Harwood

‘Overcoming Painful Wrist Mobility Issues’

Alex OHSI have struggled with tight wrists and shoulders ever since I started crossfit and weightlifting.The worst part for me was the dorsiflexion of my wrists being in a push up or handstand push up was tricky and often painful.

“specialists told me to rest or stay away from stressful positions”

I saw a few different specialists that told me to rest or stay away from any stressful positions. It got to the point where to do push ups or handstand push ups I had to elevate the heel of my hand with plates, almost like a lifting shoe would for your foot. The problem was also in lifts and presses meaning I had to do a lot of work from behind the neck to stop my wrists flexing too much.

“GLC2000 has really eased off the pain in my wrists”

After a period of stretching and using GLC2000 it has really eased off all the pain in my wrists and I feel like I am getting a lot more flexibility in them as well as my shoulders. This in turn is making my lifts a lot more comfortable and my progress is on track again.
Alec Harwood
Crossfit Meridian Regional Multi Time Competitor
Coach Crossfit Bath

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