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At GLC2000 we take a different approach to most things, that includes the way we approach sponsorship.
We don’t just go searching for paid partnerships with big names; if Conor McGregor, Cristiano Ronaldo, or the Williams sisters got in touch we would ask them the same question as we’ll ask you:

How has GLC2000 helped you?

It seems that more athletes are beginning to understand the huge role joint health plays in being able to train regularly and perform optimally. So it’s no surprise that we regularly get sponsorship requests from athletes from all walks of life.

We’re always looking to support athletes in their training, competitions and other events.

Our Ambassadors were customers first

We find our best partnerships come from working with people that our customers can relate to; so what better way than to work with our customers?
All our ambassadors were GLC2000 users before they were sponsored. They can all totally relate to our customers, because they’ve been in their position.

They have felt the benefits of using GLC2000 and decided it’s necessary to support their training and recovery.
That’s what we want to hear about when you get in touch. Please share how GLC2000 helps you.
Fill in our contact form or email us with as much detail as possible:

If you’re interested in working with us please fill in this form to share your GLC2000 story.

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