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By Lorna Heyes – Owner of Crossfit West Dublin
GLC2000 has helped elite competitive Athletes across the globe, across a wide range of sports, however GLC2000 is not just for the high end athlete. Why should ordinary regular recreational athletes like myself miss out on the benefits GLC2000 brings.
Lorna Scott CFWD ProgrammingAs Owner of CrossFit West Dublin I have seen and tried many supplements during my sporting and Coaching life, since I was feeling the benefits of this product I now distribute GLC2000, to those wanting to aid recovery, feel better quicker and improve general mobility in anyone that takes it.

GLC2000 is a product I would recommend to everyone.

My own experience with GLC2000 is that after a year, I have no aches or pains post training in my joints, and my general sporting performance has improved greatly.
Most of the members of CrossFit West Dublin are now taking GLC2000, all of them with their own story to tell. However all of these stories have a common thread, every athlete that has taken GLC2000 has reported improved movement, pain free movement and faster recovery time.
My Dad who has suffered from joint pain in most parts of his body, is living an improved pain free life with GLC2000. My Dad is 57 and does not compete at all, GLC2000 has made every day a pain free day for him.

Some general feedback from CFWD Members –

“I am able to walk down the stairs without any knee pain”
Rossa recently bought some GLC 2000 for his Dad who has Arthritis and his Dad is also reaping the rewards of taking this product.
“I have been using GLC for the last year and find it an excellent support for my joints and overall mobility. I decided I needed this supplement to aid with recovery and reduce aches attained from my demanding training regime.
My flexibility has greatly improved. Aches and pains particularly in my shoulders and knees are virtually non-existent. Delighted with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone.”
Karen CFWD Snatch
I was advised that GLC2000 capsules would help by my coach Lorna Heyes, I will give anything a try… as I found the pain in my joints would last for days particularly after squats. Since taking GLC2000, I do not have joint pain any more, it took a few weeks to start working but since then painful joints are a thing of the past. This is a supplement that I will not do without.
Ken CFWD Deadlift

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