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Jamie Verden

Competitive Crossfit After An ACL Rupture As a competitive athlete I have put my body through a whole whirl wind of stressful situations, not only physically but mentally. For sure competing at a high level takes its toll and after years and years of competitive football, rugby and CrossFit something had to give! I suffered…

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Sonny Webster

94KG U23 British Snatch & Total Record Holder When I am training I always struggle with knees, especially when volume ramps up ahead of a competition. I heard lots of really positive things about GLC2000, so wanted to try them in the lead up to the IWF Houston Worlds. My preparation for the Worlds went…

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Spencer Whiteley

‘GLC2000 helps keeps my aches at bay, and keeps me crossfitting’ My name is Spencer Whiteley and I have been doing CrossFit now for just short of three years. I stumbled across Crossfit as I found a box whilst looking for a new gym soon after leaving the Army after 15 years service. I left…

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Tez Anderson

This meant I lost a fair amount of top line strength as well strength endurance. Although my training and performance was a concern the deep ache inside my hip was a bigger worry long term, I didn’t want to be one of those people who needed a hip replacement before they were 50! I’ve just…

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Dean Hurley

Training squats and deadlifts in pretty much any rep scheme wasn’t possible, I’d get immediate knee pain followed by days of soreness. I had no confidence in compound movements and the weights I could previously lift were no longer possible. As such I went to fewer and fewer Crossfit sessions. My joint aches continued to…

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