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Heather Wynne

“GLC2000 is wonderstuff”

heather wynneJust wanted to let you know that GLC2000 is a “wonderstuff”. I have been taking GLC2000 for approx 2 months – it started working within days of taking it.
I have suffered from a shoulder impingement for over a year, in fact last year it was so bad I couldn’t lift any weights at all and being a keen CrossFitter that wasn’t good. In last year’s CrossFit Games Open I could only manage 1 Wall Ball (sad face), this year I managed 77!
I am 64 (65 this year) and want to keep fit and out of an old people’s home.
On the same note, my husband (70) has been having trouble with his left knee and went to the doctors – he was having pain and problems walking down stairs
I persuaded him to start taking GLC2000 – result is he is no longer in pain and can walk up and down stairs with ease. He was sceptical that they would work – they took a bit longer than for me, but it’s great to seem him walking without pain.
Thank you
Heather Wynne
Member CrossFit Tameside

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