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Matthew Lewis

Getting back to training after I tore my patella tendon

Last September (2012) I tore my patella tendon which meant a break from training 3 months and a long road to recovery. As the tear was less than 70% the surgeon would not operate and said it would heal ‘in time’ with rehab! Recovery was extremely slow due to muscle wastage, loss of mobility and general soreness in the knee joint from lack of use.
I was recommended GLC2000 by a friend and bought some immediately as I was desperate to get back competing in Crossfit. I can honestly say my after probably 3 weeks I was able to squat down to 90* for the first time and every couple of weeks from then on noticed improvements whether it be better range of motion or squatting heavier weights, Olympic lifting numbers going back up etc.
Only two weeks ago I was able to pistol on my ‘bad’ knee, the one movements that was still eluding me until now! My squat is back up to 170k and fitness is as good as ever.
At 39 I have no issues at all with aching joints or stiffness which I fully put down to GLC2000. I am looking to qualify and compete in the masters division of the Crossfit Games over the next couple of years in California which as my recovery was so slow before taking GLC2000 don’t think this would have been possible.
Matthew Lewis Squat
Matthew Lewis
November 2013
Competitive Crossfitter

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