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Mike Collin

Mike Climbing

GLC2000 is a total godsend for me My joints feel older than their years I’ve worked outdoors my entire life; trick riding, weight training, swimming, rock climbing, all take their toll. Obviously you can go for massages, acupuncture and other therapies but if the correct nutrients aren’t there then you’re basically swimming upstream. I don’t … Read more

Tom Parker

Tom Snatch

Stubborn Wrist Injury. Sorted I struggled with a stubborn wrist injury for almost 5 months. I couldn’t lift overhead and couldn’t put my wrist into extension at all, which made day to day tasks tricky. Nothing seemed to help I did everything I could to fix my wrist, I rested it, did mobility and rehab … Read more

Katy Smith

Katy Barbell

Helping my joints survive masters weightlifting High Volume Squats Were Making My Knees Sore I was looking for a supplement to help my joints survive the vast volume of squats I am programmed on a weekly basis! I started taking GLC2000 on the recommendation of my weightlifting coach – who uses the product himself. Now … Read more

Aaron Holt

Aaron Jerk

Now I train how I want, not how my body can cope My body was struggling I found myself in a situation where my body couldn’t cope with the training volume I needed to progress and compete in Weightlifting. Old injuries would flare up, ache and swell after almost every session, so I was taking … Read more

Kyle Clark

Recovering from ACL surgery in half the time After an ACL reconstruction on my left knee I was still getting some pretty severe pain. At the same time I was also struggling with pain in my ‘good’ knee. It was so frustrating that I was making no progress with my post surgery rehab. A friend … Read more

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