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Sam Briggs – Training After A Serious Knee Injury

After fracturing my patella at the beginning of the year I’m finally back training 100% and hitting pb’s once again!

Do I still feel pain? Now only when I run out of GLC2000!

One of the bonuses of being a Games athlete is people like to give you things to try for free. I was lucky enough to be given a trial of GLC2000.
At the time I was taking anything and everything that promised to help my joints but I agreed to give GLC2000 a fair try and stopped taking the others.

It was only a month after I started taking GLC2000, that I noticed a huge difference and couldn’t have be happier with the results!

Within that first month I competed in the CrossFit Invitational and The Pantheon Games in Miami. These both tested my injured knee out under the added pressure of being in a competition scenario. The good news is my knee held up and I didn’t experience any adverse pain!

I’m not saying GLC2000 is a miracle cure but it has allowed me to up my training and get back to competing again! Now I’ll always carry a tub of GLC2000!

Samantha Briggs – Crossfit Games Champion 2013

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