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Ross 'The Real Deal' Pearson

I have struggled with a knee issue throughout my career. My most recent injury was during sparring when I threw a low kick that landed awkwardly and my knee hyperextended.

It’s been a weakness since I injured it playing football when I was 19.
Pearson-RossThe guys from GLC2000 got in touch to see if I’d be interested in seeing if they could help speed my recovery up. Of course I jumped at the chance (not literally mind).
So knee operation number 4 was booked in. Needed another arthroscopy to have my MCL & LCL cleaned and have the strained fibers removed, whilst having my Lateral & Medial Meniscus cleaned out.
Having had this surgery a few times before I thought I knew what to expect regarding recovery times.

However my recovery this time round has been awesome. I mean ridiculously quick.

It means I can go into a full 10 week training camp so I can be on top form and back for the Berlin Card of the UFC.

Thanks for the support GLC2000 I’ll be recommending this product around the gym and continue to use it myself for sure.

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