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Darren Hotten

Darren Hotten – Dealing with knee inflammation

I first started using GLC2000 after injuring my knee during an Olympic lifting session; I was having trouble with inflammation and pain within the joint.

Any squatting or lower body movement went on hold until my knee was better, after a couple of weeks I was able to train lower body but every training session inflamed and irritated the knee joint.

I was recommended GLC2000 after attending a lifting competition at Reading CrossFit, after a couple of week’s use my knee inflammation had subsided and my training volume started to increase again without pain.

6 weeks on my knee is now pain free and my squatting numbers are starting to creep up again. GLC2000 has been a great product for me throughout this injury and I would highly recommend.

Darren Hotten is a competitive Crossfit Athlete, and coach based at Crossfit Colchester, Essex
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