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Leo Viajar

Still looking to make my pro MMA debut

“Every athlete knows that injuries are a professional hazard. They are unavoidable and generally devastating to an athlete. To serious athletes, there is nothing more disheartening than being sidelined; the hunger for more suppressed, and the need to progress impeded by a physiological roadblock.
LV1How do I know? I’ve been there; sidelined by a major joint injury. But even after recovery, I dealt with nagging pains which led to insecurity in the functionality of my joint. Plain and simple, I lost confidence in it. GLC2000 changed all that.
Having done my research on the product, I genuinely believe that it is the best joint formula. The importance of bioavailability is key. And since I’ve been using the product, I’ve been pain free and regaining more and more confidence in my joint. It allows me to train at high levels again and provides me the confidence to push through progressional barriers.
GLC2000 has given my joint new life, and I know that with it I will be able to regain and go beyond my pre-injury capabilities.

My only regret about taking GLC2000 is not having taken it sooner.”

-Leo Viajar
Follow Leo’s journey to his pro MMA debut after recovering from a torn lateral meniscus, torn medial meniscus, torn ACL & MCL
Twitter/Instagram: @leoviajar

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