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17.4 Mobility Guide

Are You Fitter Than Last Year?
Testing your fitness is what the Crossfit Open is all about. There’s no better way to do that than to repeat a highly metabolic chipper from 12 months ago!
17.4 combines 4 complimentary movements in a high reps, so your muscles are ready to transition to the next exercise but your lungs may not be.

How To Mobilise To Beat Your 16.4 Score

The variety of movements in this workout means there’s hardly a muscle in your body that you aren’t going to be using. We are going to spend some time mobilising the spine and hips, loosening the neck and lower back and stretching the forearms which are going to fatigue during the deadlifts and the rowing.
This weeks video proves that you can mobilise anywhere, and don’t need tons of space or fancy equipment. Although a box or bench is probably a good idea for the jefferson curls. 
Check out this 3 and a half minute video for some valuable mobility tips that will help you move efficiently through these movements and beat your 16.4 score:
Thanks to Hat Hewitt of MAP Rehab & Crossfit Watford

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