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17.3 Mobility & Strategy Guide

Helping You Fail Fewer Snatches
The Open WOD 17.2 saw some absolutely amazing performances, with many people getting their first T2B or even BMU.
Congratulations to GLC2000 athletes Samantha Briggs & Emma Mcquaid who after 2 open workouts are sitting in 1st and 8th place in the world!

Bye Bye Dumbells – Hello Chest to Bar & Barbell

Workout 17.3 is going to be challenge for a lot of people because of the large weight jumps in the snatch. So when you’re warming up try to get a couple of successful lifts close to your target snatch weight. After you’ve mobilised!
If you might be attempting to reach or exceed your 1RM snatch, remember you will likely have a heavily fatigued upper back. To help minimise fatigue here are a selection of simple drills with a BIG focus on upper back that will improve your positioning. We have introduced a bottom up approach to mobilise all the major joints for an efficient and comfortable snatch position under heavy loads.
Check out our 6 minute video for some valuable mobility and warmup tips that will mean fewer snatch fails and maybe an extra 4 minutes in 17.3:
Thanks to Hat Hewitt of MAP Rehab & Crossfit Watford

17.3 Strategy tips from Spencer Whiteley

(Currently 73rd Worldwide Masters 35-39)
Immediately post WOD “Be realistic about this workout”

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