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Mobility Drills For Stable Shoulders & Extra Grip

Improve Your 17.1 Open WOD Time With 5 Minutes Of Mobility
Congratulations if you managed to stay up and watch GLC2000 athlete Sam Briggs smash Crossfit Open workout 17.1 in the live announcement overnight.
Workout 17.1 consists of two big, full body, hip opening movements. With a lot of work done in awkward unilateral positions whilst testing grip strength.
Loosening up your forearms and lower back muscles is extremely important for the dumbbell snatches. Whilst both the burpees and snatches will test shoulder stability so waking up all those small stabilising muscles around your shoulder capsule will help supercharge your performance for this WOD. Check out our video below:
Thanks to Hat Hewitt of MAP Rehab & Crossfit Watford

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