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Weightlifting Joint Support

Joint Care for Weightlifting


Weightlifting is a tough sport that is hard on your body.

When you train, your joints work as hard as your muscles, but joint health is often overlooked until there is an issue.
Joint tissue is slow to heal as your body lacks the key building blocks of glucosamine and chondroitin.
Our diets don’t supply enough glucosamine and chondroitin, and as we age our bodies find it increasingly difficult to produce them at the required rate.
Supplementing with glucosamine and chondroitin can make up for this.
GLC2000 combines all four useable forms of glucosamine and the most absorbable chondroitin sulfate; providing the strongest patented joint formula on the market, proven to increase absorption for unrivalled results.
Ensuring your cartilage, tendons and ligaments have everything they need to keep up with your hectic schedule.


“I started to pick up some aches & niggles when I increased my training volume. These affected my performance and meant that it was taking longer and longer to warm up before each session.
After a month of using GLC2000 I hardly had any joint aches, but more even more importantly I have to do around two hours a week less mobilising and warming up before my training sessions!”

Victoria Foote


Weightlifting Joint Health

What our customers say:


Reversing 6 months of shoulder flare ups

“I hurt my shoulder in a rather uneventful missed jerk attempt. Over the course of 6 months the tendons continued to flare up, and there was an annoying background niggle – almost a tight uncomfortable pain that I would get whilst warming up. It was okay to train through, it was just clear something wasn’t right.
Within a month of using GLC2000 my shoulder felt so much more mobile, took far less time to warm up and that uncomfortable niggle was gone.”

I struggled to get an empty barbell overhead

“My shoulder injury just wouldn’t seem to heal, even after seeing a number of physiotherapists no one could get to the cause of the problem. As time went on it was getting weaker and less mobile, it got to the point where I couldn’t lift an empty barbell overhead! As a personal trainer this was affecting my livelihood as well as stopping me doing what I love.
I was skeptical about GLC2000, but the more people I spoke to about the product, the more good things I began to hear. After using GLC2000 for a few weeks things were definitely improving, it gave my body a fighting chance. Within 6 months I was representing Ireland at the Weightlifting World Championships. GLC2000 played a big role in getting me there.”


I used to spend £160 a month on physio

“I’ve had shoulder and elbow issues for years, these are brought on by my job which involves lots of repetitive gripping and hammering. This affects my training and my work, so I used to spend £40 on weekly chiropractor visits.
GLC2000 costs me less than £25 a month for better results! I know I’ll be able to follow my training programme after a busy day at work, and be certain that the following day I will be able to work again”

Tennis Elbow used to stop me lifting

“I suffer from tennis elbow which greatly affects my Olympic Lifting. GLC2000 allows me to keep lifting day after day with minimal pain and swelling. I couldn’t live without it now, and my body really suffers if I don’t take it for more than a few days!”

Rebekah Thompson

No more knee sleeves

“I have always struggled with knee pain when heavy squatting or lunging. No amount of mobility work, knee sleeves or physio seemed to improve the issue. These annoying dull aches began to develop into acute pain which prevented me from lifting.
Someone at my gym had used GLC2000 after their knee surgery, and recommended I gave it ago. After my first tub of GLC2000 my knees felt completely normal, even during heavy squats.”


Snatch Joint Health

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