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Proud to be joint supplement of choice to Team Alpha Male:

Why you should choose GLC2000

GLC2000: 2800mg of pure Glucosamine mixed with a patented absorption formula. No other product comes close to help you maximise joint health.
> Nourishes cartilage
> Reduces inflammation and swelling
> Promotes your body’s natural repair function.
GLC2000 gives you natural building blocks to deal with dull aches and repair injuries – FAST
> GLC2000 has helped athletes with joint pain and injuries for over a decade!
> GLC2000 formula is scientifically backed and regulated by the FDA.
> Over 150,000 tubs sold worldwide
> Full money back guarantee
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Believe in Yourself, Achieve with GLC2000
See why top fighters become brand advocates

Bas Rutten – UFC Heavyweight Champ

The GLC formula allows me to train longer and harder without the nagging aches.
If you are serious about training without discomfort, get GLC2000. This product really works.
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Relson Gracie

I started taking GLC2000 about 8 months ago and the pain has disappeared.
The results have been incredible! My wrist feels strong and I am back in training without the discomfort.
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Duane Ludwig – UFC Bad-Ass

Within a month I noticed that the aches in my knees, elbows and wrist were gone!
This stuff really works!
Without the aches, I am training at “full power”
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Don Frye

I’m 42 years old and still competing and winning at the international level.
You do the math…. GLC2000 works great!!!!!
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If you’re a top fighter looking for that edge. Get in touch for a trial:
GLC2000 – Buy It Now
Believe in Yourself, Achieve with GLC2000

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