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Video Testimonial Submission

Share Your GLC2000 Experience

And we’ll give you a £10 voucher as a thank you.

Send us a video that clearly shows your face and our product, share your thoughts, then email it to us. Then we’ll send you a voucher for £10 off your next order. Here are the details:

Grab a smartphone

or a tablet. Just something that can record video and send an email.

Hit record

and start filming your video review of our product. It might be easier if someone holds the camera for you.

To qualify for your voucher you will need to include the following elements:
– Mention the product by name
– Clearly show your face and our product
– Review how GLC2000 has helped you
– Be between 30 – 60 seconds

If you need some inspiration on what to say you can mention why you bought the product, what difference has it made, when you noticed an improvement, how was the shopping experience, what you thought about delivery, when you first heard about us…

The possibilities are endless.

Email us your video

The easiest way is to use the device you recorded your video on. Use the subject GLC2000 Video Review and send it to

If your video is too large to be attached to an email you can use a transfer site such as WeTransfer.

Get your FREE Gift Voucher

Once we’ve received your video we’ll send you your £10 voucher within 48hrs, as long as it meets all the above criteria.

Get started now. We can’t wait to hear your GLC2000 feedback and send you your thank you voucher.

Any questions, please get in touch:

Terms & Conditions

All videos will be subject to our User Content terms and conditions (
Only one voucher will be allocated per customer.
GLC2000 UK LTD have the final say about whether a video meets the requirements.

Any questions, please get in touch:

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