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Understanding Joint Care and Repair

Joint Care and Repair

This series is based on an interview with nutritionist Joe Buishas. Joe Buishas has been a licensed clinical nutritionist and a nutritional practitioner for over 20 years. This is such a good explanation of joint care and repair that it should be shared.
I have seen both sides, the pain and the recovery of this degenerating condition. When we talk about osteoarthritis what we are really talking about are the degenerative changes to the cartilage in the joints.
Almost all people over the age of forty have some pathological changes in the weight-bearing joints. The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy goes on to state that osteoarthritis becomes universal by age 70. Over 22 million people spend over 20 billion dollars each year to relieve their pain and suffering. Knees, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, ankles, bones in the feet, and over 200 bone surfaces in the back are all prey to degenerative changes in the joints. Clearly this is a huge problem and yet there are many things we can do to prevent and even reverse osteoarthritis.

Understanding Cartilage

To maintain healthy mobility, our goal is to have healthy cartilage. To get an idea of how cartilage works, imaging rubbing together two perfectly flat, slightly wet ice cubes. They glide across each other, quickly and easily, never catching or slowing. Now imagine a surface that is five to eight times more slippery than ice. That’s your cartilage, the material to make it possible for the ends of your bones to slide smoothly and easily across each other. No man made substance compares to the low-friction and shock absorbing properties of healthy cartilage

Understanding Joint Care and Repair
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