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New Package. Same Great Formula Inside

If you’re a consistent GLC2000 user you may have noticed a few packaging improvements.

Please rest assured that inside there’s still the same patented formula to give you the results you’ve come to expect.


We make every effort to ensure our manufacturing and packaging are as sustainable as possible. This includes using recyclable materials for shipping and ensuring our tub is recyclable.

We recommend that GLC2000 is taken with food.

This will help aid absorption of the active ingredients, as well as minimise the likelihood of mild stomach discomfort that can be a side effect of the strength of the formula.

GLC2000 uses a tailored dosing strategy, not the one size fits all approach of most supplements.

We understand you're not the average person. There's not a one size fits all approach to clothes, shoes, food or water.

So it stands to reason that supplement dosing should be based on your individual needs.

We use research backed minimum effective dosing based on body weight to ensure GLC2000 users get great results and great value.

Please follow dose recommendations on the label.


"The majority of joint supplements active ingredients don't match what they claim on the label"

This is the major problem with the unregulated supplement industry.

We want GLC2000 users to get results. The best way to do that is to ensure we use the highest quality ingredients and precise manufacturing processes to ensure every capsule matches our unique, patented formula exactly.

We use 4 stages of independent testing for every batch of GLC2000.

First we analyse the quality of each individual pharmaceutical grade raw ingredient before manufacture.

Then the ingredients are manufactured with precision to match our patented formulation at our GMP certified lab

The finished product is then sent for testing at an independent laboratory to ensure it's safety and that the active ingredients match the label

Finally it is sent to Informed Sport to be certified that it doesn't contain any banned substances and can be used by the number of professional athletes that rely on GLC2000 to support their joint health.

Informed Sport Certified

Tested for athlete safety to WADA standards. For the latest batch information [CLICK HERE].
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