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Tom Parker

Tom Snatch

Stubborn Wrist Injury. Sorted

I struggled with a stubborn wrist injury for almost 5 months. I couldn’t lift overhead and couldn’t put my wrist into extension at all, which made day to day tasks tricky.

Nothing seemed to help

I did everything I could to fix my wrist, I rested it, did mobility and rehab exercises and even changed the way I lifted. Nothing made any real difference.

I love training and competing, and when I can’t do it I really feel like I’m missing out.

Big results

After months of struggling I started consistently taking GLC2000 twice a day – my wrist was back to normal within 2-3 weeks.

Without the right nutrients to heal, your body is fighting an uphill battle against injuries.

Now I make sure I’m never without it.

Why I use GLC2000:

  • Helped my over come a stubborn injury
  • Overall I feel like I move better
  • Works for me and other clients at my gym
  • I can train and compete how I want

Video Transcript

Tom Parker Video Subtitles

So I’ve been taking my GLC2000 tablets religiously for the last 2 years.

After a reoccuring wrist issue I had back in 2017,

Where I couldn’t put anything overhead or put my wrist into extension without being in a bit of pain.

I was taking the GLC2000 tablets sporadically before that,

but when I ran out I didn’t get another tub in.

And that’s where the wrist issue came in. I rested the wrist, it didn’t make it any better.

I started taking these again 2-3 weeks later, wrist feels back to normal and has done ever since.

So now I won’t ever be without my GLC2000 tablets.

Highly recommend it to people in our gym and to my clients as well,

For the fact if they’re doing a lot of exercise, keep on top of joint health

So they’re able to continue doing their physical activity as a number one priority.

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