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Tom Dunphy – Shoulder SLAP tear recovery

My name is Tom Dunphy. I am the owner and head coach at CrossFit Waterford in Ireland. Ive been CrossFitting for almost 5 years and was previously involved in kickboxing and Muay Thai.
In early 2011 I developed a pain in my right shoulder and was later diagnosed with a slap tear. I couldn’t do any over head pressing or any dynamic shoulder movements at all.

I spent almost 2 years trying various different methods of treatment, none of which worked and eventually I was told by one of the best shoulder docs in Ireland that my only option was surgery.
I was hugely reluctant to go under the knife but I was convinced it was my only option and I was desperate to get back to proper training. A few weeks before my op my good friend and Crossfit legend Martina Galgey recommended I try this product she had seen a lot of the athletes at the London Throwdown using.
The product was GLC2000 and within 4 weeks of starting my first dose I was back to full shoulder health and mobility. It was like a miracle!
My shoulder is now better than ever and i am setting PR’s on all my upper body movements on a daily basis. To say I love this stuff is a HUGE understatement. I now recommend it to all my family, friends and clients regardless of whether they are injured or not. Get on it guys.

Originally Published 28th Jan 2014
Tom Snatch

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