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Tim Hickford – Saxon Crossfit

Crossfit coach & athlete reversing knee pain when squatting & lunging

Tim Hickford Squat Clean“I have always struggled with knee pain when heavy squatting or lunging. No amount of mobility, knee sleeves or physio seemed to improve the issue. As I began lifting more and more what was once an annoying dull ache developed into acute pain which prevented me from lifting.
I was introduced to GLC2000 in summer 2014 when GLC2000 contacted me with regards to stocking the supplement at my box, Saxon CrossFit. GLC2000 sent me a free sample which I actually gave to one of my members who had just had knee surgery.

“No amount of mobility, knees sleeves or physio seemed to help my knee. Then I found GLC2000”

She couldn’t believe the improvement she noticed from taking the GLC2000 and suggested it might help my knees too! After researching it a bit more I began taking it daily and have since experienced increased comfort in my knees during squatting and heavy cleans.
I now recommend GLC2000 to any members, family or friends experiencing joint pain and continue to take it daily myself.”

Tim Hickford is owner and head coach at Saxon Crossfit, Wymondham, Norfolk.

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