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Tez Anderson

“Long term knee tendinitis left me unable to squat”

I’d been struggling with tendinitis in my left knee for a long time. I’d continued to train and put up with the discomfort during my workouts and soreness for the next couple of days after. Over time my body naturally compensated and began to cause issues with my right hip.

It started to affect more than my training and recovery, both my knee and hip began to hurt if I drove anything more than a moderate distance. It was painful to touch and my range of motion decreased until I couldn’t really squat anymore.

This meant I lost a fair amount of top line strength as well strength endurance. Although my training and performance was a concern the deep ache inside my hip was a bigger worry long term, I didn’t want to be one of those people who needed a hip replacement before they were 50!

I was being quite active in tackling my injury, resting the affected areas, doing mobility work and seeing a physio. I was frustrated with my lack of improvement.

I started using GLC2000 a few months ago and within weeks my hip felt significantly better, and a couple of weeks after that I was able to squat with some weight on my back. This was more progress than I’d seen in the previous 6 months.

I continued to use my GLC2000 and felt neither my hip of knee during a workout, and just as importantly there were no aches or stiffness in or around any of my joints after training.

I’ve just come off the back of an 8 weeks squat cycle. I’ve hit a lifetime pb on my front squat and equalled my pre injury back squat pb. Something that if you said was going to happen six months ago I would have looked at you in disbelief.

All I can say is that GLC2000 is a fantastic product, not only has it helped me, but it helps a lot of my members at Crossfit All Out with various Crossfit related niggles including knee & elbow soreness as well problems related to shoulder mobility such as impingements.

Tez Anderson – Head Coach Crossfit All Out

Damien: “My knees almost caused me to stop training.”
Hayley: “I used to dread squats or running, not anymore!”
Dom: “I’ve hardly had an ache in weeks. Such a difference!”

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