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Alec Harwood

‘Overcoming Painful Wrist Mobility Issues’ I have struggled with tight wrists and shoulders ever since I started crossfit and weightlifting.The worst part for me was the dorsiflexion of my wrists being in a push up or handstand push up was tricky and often painful. “specialists told me to rest or stay away from stressful positions”…

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Relson Gracie

“I highly approve, and respect the results of GLC2000” Relson Gracie: 22 Years Undefeated National Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Master Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy Honolulu Life on the mats is real tough. Competition pushes your body very hard. Contusions come every day ankle locks, knee and shoulder locks inflict great damage on your joints. I…

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Duane Ludwig

Duane Ludwig UCC Lightweight World Champion North American K-1 Middle Weight Champion Nine years of intense training in Thai Boxing and MMA have placed a lot of wear and tear on my body. Injuries in my right knee and wrist have given me problems for a long time. Bas Rutten introduced me to GLC2000 while…

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