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Lianne Thomas

‘I stopped taking GLC2000 and noticed my mobility began to decrease again’ I started taking GLC2000 back last year. Having competed at sport from a very young age, the impact had finally taken its toll on my joints so arthritis kicked in early. Arthritis is becoming more and more common in athletes and so quality…

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Erin Bonett

GLC2000 has definitely sped up my recovery I started taking GLC2000 after competing in the London Throwdown 2013 & I have been taking it ever since! I had heard great things about it but I am big believer in trying something first before recommending it or selling it in my box. I wasnโ€™t carrying any…

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Gary Stevens

‘GLC2000 has given me my life back’ Hall of Fame Jockey, Star of Seabiscuit the Movie: Winner of 3 Kentucky Derbies, 3 Belmont, 2 Preakness, Japan Cup, Dubai World Cup, Eclipse Award, 9 Breeders Cup Victories and the Youngest Jockey to Acquire $100,000,000.00 in Earnings. In December of 1999 I was forced to retire from…

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