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Crossfit Meridian Regionals Athletes To Watch // GLC2000

Supporting Regionals Athletes Back in January GLC2000 ran a small training camp ahead of the Crossfit Open. Life as a top athlete can be quite solitary, following specialist programming in a quiet or deserted gym 6-7 days a week. So we got some top athletes together in Manchester, the spiritual home of UK Crossfit. It … Read more

Sam Briggs 16.1 TBT

Team GLC2000 take on 16.1 at Crossfit 3D A behind the scenes look at a 2016 GLC2000 athlete training camp. Where some of the UK’s best Crossfit athletes came together to torment each other, train and take on Open WOD 16.1. There were some impressive performances, especially Samantha Briggs completing a total of 348 reps … Read more

Scott Chan

Fixing My Elbow and Shoulder Issues I’ve had long standing elbow and shoulder injuries for years, these have affected my work and training. These niggles were brought on by my job, which involves a lot of repetitive gripping and hammering. I used to see a chiropractor once a week just to keep it in check, … Read more

17.2 Mobility, Warmup & Strategy Guide

Improving Shoulder Stability, Grip and Hips – Full body preparation for 17.2 For 18.2 Mobility Guide Click Here A big shout out to GLC2000 athletes Emma Mcquaid & Sam Briggs for placing 2nd and 6th in Europe on 17.1. Hopefully after 17.1 your members lower back and grip muscles have had a bit of a … Read more

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