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Mobility Drills For Stable Shoulders & Extra Grip

Improve Your 17.1 Open WOD Time With 5 Minutes Of Mobility Congratulations if you managed to stay up and watch GLC2000 athlete Sam Briggs smash Crossfit Open workout 17.1 in the live announcement overnight. Workout 17.1 consists of two big, full body, hip opening movements. With a lot of work done in awkward unilateral positions…

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Top Athletes

Behind the scenes at the GLC2000 UK Athlete Camp 2017 Training Is a 9 – 5 We are lucky enough to work with elite Crossfit athletes regularly. Most have them have been using our product way before they were top athletes. These athletes all treat their training as a full time job; absolutely everything they…

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Emma McQuaid

‘Rebuilding the highest placing British female in the European Region open’ I’ve been a competitive quad bike racer for most of my life. So I’ve always been competitive. I was the rank in the top 10 in the UK and only raced against guys. I used to travel across the world for quad races, and…

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Amy Laffan

My name is Amy Laffan I am a personal trainer, European Regional level Crossfitter, and soon to be hitting Irish qualifying total for the Olympics. I wouldn’t have done any of this without GLC2000. It was during the 2013 Crossfit Open that I injured my shoulder. Being stubborn I pushed through, bar muscle ups did…

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Matthew Lewis

Getting back to training after I tore my patella tendon Last September (2012) I tore my patella tendon which meant a break from training 3 months and a long road to recovery. As the tear was less than 70% the surgeon would not operate and said it would heal ‘in time’ with rehab! Recovery was…

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