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Interview: Emma McQuaid

Talking training, overcoming injuries and mental preparedness with the 12th fittest women in the Crossfit Open Emma McQuaid is one of the fittest women in the UK, Europe and according to this years Crossfit Open placings, now the World. Whilst on a Regionals training camp in the USA we get a chance to chat with … Read more

Jamie Verden

Competitive Crossfit After An ACL Rupture As a competitive athlete I have put my body through a whole whirl wind of stressful situations, not only physically but mentally. For sure competing at a high level takes its toll and after years and years of competitive football, rugby and CrossFit something had to give! I suffered … Read more

Dean Hurley

Training squats and deadlifts in pretty much any rep scheme wasn’t possible, I’d get immediate knee pain followed by days of soreness. I had no confidence in compound movements and the weights I could previously lift were no longer possible. As such I went to fewer and fewer Crossfit sessions. My joint aches continued to … Read more

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