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Eloy Rodriguez

GLC2000 means I’m back competing Before competing in the 2014 Crossfit regionals I injured my shoulder. I decided to compete anyway and this unsurprisingly only made my shoulder worse. After the event I rested my injured shoulder for over a month and it still wasn’t any better. I decided to order some GLC2000, I’m so…

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Hayley Knowles

My muscles were fine but my connective tissues started to ache post workout. I thought this was just par for the course. I now realise that I should have paid more attention to my joints from this stage and that joint pain was my body trying to tell me to slow down. It got to…

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Amy Laffan

My name is Amy Laffan I am a personal trainer, European Regional level Crossfitter, and soon to be hitting Irish qualifying total for the Olympics. I wouldn’t have done any of this without GLC2000. It was during the 2013 Crossfit Open that I injured my shoulder. Being stubborn I pushed through, bar muscle ups did…

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John Lugg

‘My shoulders’ ROM is so much better’ Fitness has always been part of my life. I played Rugby to a high level (Llanelli RFC aka The Scarlets), county athletics (13x British champ), swimming, cycling. Last year I became European Crossfit Masters champion. Over the last year my shoulder had got increasingly more sore. Some days…

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Phil Hesketh

“GLC2000 – Helping me achieve my potential” After 18 months of Crossfit my body was starting ache. High volume squatting and pressing was leaving me with a nasty pain in both my knees and in my left shoulder, bench pressing was extremely difficult. I had tried several brands of omega 3 and joint support to…

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