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Interview: Emma McQuaid

Talking training, overcoming injuries and mental preparedness with the 12th fittest women in the Crossfit Open Emma McQuaid is one of the fittest women in the UK, Europe and according to this years Crossfit Open placings, now the World. Whilst on a Regionals training camp in the USA we get a chance to chat with…

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Jordan Wallace

“By the end of the my fourth week of taking GLC2000 there was a lot less discomfort in my wrist and my range of motion had improved noticeably” During the 2014 Crossfit Regionals I injured my wrist during a handstand walk which was the 2nd workout. It was painful throughout the rest of the two…

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Simon Thomson

‘I no longer get a sore elbow after pullups or heavy overhead work’ For the past few months I’d been getting a sore elbow which would cause me to have to stop training for the best part of a week. It seemed like high repetition pull ups, or heavy overhead work like Jerks would set…

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Emma McQuaid

‘Rebuilding the highest placing British female in the European Region open’ I’ve been a competitive quad bike racer for most of my life. So I’ve always been competitive. I was the rank in the top 10 in the UK and only raced against guys. I used to travel across the world for quad races, and…

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Alec Harwood

‘Overcoming Painful Wrist Mobility Issues’ I have struggled with tight wrists and shoulders ever since I started crossfit and weightlifting.The worst part for me was the dorsiflexion of my wrists being in a push up or handstand push up was tricky and often painful. “specialists told me to rest or stay away from stressful positions”…

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