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Katarina Wiemeyer

Mobility, Recovery & Injury Prevention for Weightlifters Weightlifting is a tough sport, there are so many benefits that come from strength training, however recovery and looking after yourself is very important. A few weeks ago we helped our coach out being demo models and extra pairs of eyes when he was running a beginners Olympic…

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17.3 Mobility & Strategy Guide

Helping You Fail Fewer Snatches The Open WOD 17.2 saw some absolutely amazing performances, with many people getting their first T2B or even BMU. Congratulations to GLC2000 athletes Samantha Briggs & Emma Mcquaid who after 2 open workouts are sitting in 1st and 8th place in the world! Bye Bye Dumbells – Hello Chest to…

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Sam Briggs 16.1 TBT

Team GLC2000 take on 16.1 at Crossfit 3D A behind the scenes look at a 2016 GLC2000 athlete training camp. Where some of the UK’s best Crossfit athletes came together to torment each other, train and take on Open WOD 16.1. There were some impressive performances, especially Samantha Briggs completing a total of 348 reps…

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Ben Gilmore

Over my ten year military career I have been an active member of the parachute regiment, before becoming a physical training instructor (PTI) for 22 SAS. I’ve been a member of the P Company staff for selection of potential Parachute Regiment recruits as well as second in command of physical fitness at first battalion Parachute…

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Scott Chan

Fixing My Elbow and Shoulder Issues I’ve had long standing elbow and shoulder injuries for years, these have affected my work and training. These niggles were brought on by my job, which involves a lot of repetitive gripping and hammering. I used to see a chiropractor once a week just to keep it in check,…

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