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Ben Gilmore

Over my ten year military career I have been an active member of the parachute regiment, before becoming a physical training instructor (PTI) for 22 SAS. I’ve been a member of the P Company staff for selection of potential Parachute Regiment recruits as well as second in command of physical fitness at first battalion Parachute … Read more

Richard Hornsey

‘It’s a game changer for CrossFitters’ I’m a 32 year old male that’s battled through all sorts of aches and pains for years through my career in the army and through CrossFit trying to keep up with my 22 year old training partner. I can honestly say that without GLC2000 I would not be able … Read more

Freya Lees

Since taking GLC2000 regularly, I have found that I recover quicker and now, I wouldn’t go without it! It has aided me through injury and enabled me to return to training quicker than anticipated. GLC2000 Military information BUY NOW GLC2000 has quickly become a firm family favourite; I even recommended it to my father who … Read more

Phil Rennie

My joints have a new lease of life Having served a career as a Royal Marine Commando for many years, conducting many long range insertions with heavy kit, my joints were not in a good state, especially after extensive knee surgery following a Rugby accident, they pretty much constantly ached, especially in the morning, and … Read more

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