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Ryan Wells

Dealing with ‘Golfer’s Elbow’ I’d been struggling with ‘golfers’ elbow for around 4 months before I started using GLC2000. The soreness was brought on by any high rep work with movements like CTB pull-ups, rope climbs or muscle ups. When the tendinitis flared up I would struggle to train for the next few days. Even…

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Michaela Breeze

Michaela Breeze – Road to Glasgow 2014 At 35 years of age and having just broken my own British record in the Snatch from 2002, to say I’m happy with how my build up to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games would be an understatement. Glasgow is now only 10 weeks away, and I wanted to…

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David Iverson

“GLC2000 helped me avoid a cortisone shot” I train daily and teach Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Birmingham Gracie Barra academy and also at Tamworth academy, some times twice daily including conditioning 3 times a week. I also compete regularly throughout the year up to 10 competitions including British champs, Europeans both domestically and internationally, this puts…

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Elbow Dislocation in Weightlifting and CrossFit

ELBOW DISLOCATION – Weightlifting and CrossFit In the 77kg men’s Olympic weightlifting at London 2012 I was in the stands and witnessed Sa Jae Hyouk pop his elbow out (that’s a technical term) during a snatch. At the 2011 Divided We Fall CrossFit competition I saw the same injury during the 3 rep max overhead…

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Duane Ludwig

Duane Ludwig UCC Lightweight World Champion North American K-1 Middle Weight Champion Nine years of intense training in Thai Boxing and MMA have placed a lot of wear and tear on my body. Injuries in my right knee and wrist have given me problems for a long time. Bas Rutten introduced me to GLC2000 while…

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