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Stubborn Joint Issues

GLC2000. More Than Glucosamine.

A unique joint formula for those who have tried everything to improve their joint health.

60 day supply; double the industry standard


Salvation for Sore Joints

Stubborn joint issues affect your quality of life. Home, hobbies, work, sport, chores. Everything is made that little bit tougher.
If you can’t remember the last time your joints felt 100% read on.
Our modern lifestyles are worlds apart from how we evolved. Joint health, like any other form of health, is an investment. The need for investing in joint health is only made more prominent by our lifestyles.
There are plenty of options to improve your joint health; stretching, mobilising and supplementation are popular options.
If your joint mobility is decreasing or your joints are painful, then whatever you are doing, something needs to change.
Simply put your body is not able to repair tissue as quickly as you are breaking it down. Believe us it is trying!

Understand the cause. Make the change.

Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine are used for a number of tasks around your body, perhaps most importantly both are structural elements of cartilage, tendons, ligaments and around your joint capsule.
A recent study indicated that a lack of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine limits the rate of tissue creation and repair.

Proven. By Science.

Oral supplementation has been shown to successfully reach joints in sufficient quantity and quality. Providing building blocks for healthy new tissue.

Quality by Design. Setting GLC2000 Apart.

GLC2000 is developed using only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This patented formulation has demonstrated superior bioavailability to generic joint formulas.

Chondroitin Sulfate. A4.

Not all chondroitin sulfate is created equally. The primary ingredient in GLC2000 is chondroitin sulfate A4, it’s low molecular weight and high purity means its absorbability is unrivalled. So more reaches your joints.
If it doesn’t say chondroitin sulfate A4 on the label it is probably a less usable form.

Glucosamine. Stronger Together.

The comprehensive GLC2000 formulation contains all four bioavailable forms of glucosamine. It is so much more than glucosamine sulfate.
Each unique form of glucosamine has different benefits and the combination provides a synergistic support for a variety of joint and connective tissue throughout the body.

Strength. Through Synergy.

GLC2000’s research backed full spectrum formulation provides the optimal useable dose of active ingredients per serving tailored to bodyweight. Providing superior results at unrivalled value.

Precision in Production. The final piece of the puzzle.

Each batch of GLC2000 undergoes independent third party quality assurance testing to ensure the final product matches the formulation with precision. Be assured that the ingredients on the label, are exactly what’s in the package.
This has always been part of our production process, and always will be. Guaranteeing the quality and results of every capsule.

A unique joint formula for those who have tried everything to improve their joint health.

60 day supply; double the industry standard


Check out what our customers say:

“I’ve been struggling with sore knees for a number of years, but over the last 6 months they’ve been getting progressively worse. I’ve even started noticing soreness doing simple things like walking up the stairs. So I gave GLC2000 a try. Within a few weeks my knees didn’t ache when tackling stairs.”

“I used to spend £160 a month on physio and chiropractic work to manage my long standing elbow and shoulder issues. GLC2000 gives me better results, for a fraction of the price.”

“I was suffering from a shoulder impingement for over a year, that was really affecting my quality of life. I’ve been using GLC2000 for about two months and it my shoulder is back to normal. I’m 64 years old and really do think GLC2000 will help keep me out of the old people’s home.”

“I thought soreness in all my finger joints was just something that I was going to have to get used to. My son bought me a tub of GLC2000, I was angry at him as I thought it was going to be a waste of money. I could not have been more wrong.

“I felt a constant dull ache deep inside my hip. I tried GLC2000 because I was worried about needing a hip replacement before I was 50.”

“My shoulder used to wake me up at night. That’s not happened since I started using GLC2000.”

“I started using GLC2000 to help me with a wrist injury. Much to my surprise my long term back issue started to improve as well.”

“My wrists and shoulders have always been tight, since using GLC2000 I’ve noticed a change in my flexibility.”

“Last year I badly injured my knees. I could not have surgery because of the type of break. After months of rehab my knee was still painful and I could barely do any lower body exercises.
Then I began to supplement with GLC2000. After a few weeks of consistent use my mobility suddenly began to return.
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