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Steven Turnbull

Steven Bike

No more wrist brace

Two Years of Problems

I’d been struggling with wrist and shoulder problems after I broke my wrist mountain biking.

The break healed, but the movement and mobility of my wrist was limited and painful. This started to cause shoulder pain where I was compensating for the pain and lack of flexibility.

I spent 2 years having physio but it didn’t improve, if anything it was getting worse. If I wanted to mountain bike I had to wear a wrist brace for support, otherwise it was just too painful.

Back to normal

A number of people at my gym use GLC2000 for various joint problems, and a friend of mine suggested that it might help me.

After about 6 weeks of taking it, I was back training with no pain in my wrist or shoulder, and I could ride my bike again without the annoying wrist brace.

I’ve continued to use GLC2000 and my joints feel better than ever, I don’t even think about my wrist on a day to day basis and I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve been in my entire life.

Why I use GLC2000:

  • Helped with injuries that weren’t getting better
  • Felt a difference within a matter of weeks
  • Now I don’t give my joints a second thought
  • Great positive feedback from people I train with as well

Video Transcript

Having suffered 2 back to back wrist injuries, breaking the same wrist twice within the same year.

I was faced with the struggle of trying to get pain free movement and mobility back into my right wrist.

After around 2 years of on and off physio to very little success, this pain then spread up into my shoulder, through overcompensation in barbell movements in crossfit, and i was forced to wear a wrist brace while biking.

I was then recommended to take GLC2000 by a friend and after 6 weeks of taking it I was back training, with no pain in my wrist or my shoulder and back riding my bike without a wrist brace.

I’ve taken GLC2000 now for around 2 years and i wouldn’t be without it, both as an aid to help these injuries from reoccuring, and to help with overall joint health and recovery from regular training.

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