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Staying Active

Staying Active into Your 80s


The Holy Grail.

As far as we are concerned 60 is the new 30. For many of our customers GLC2000 is helping them live the life they want to lead well into their late 80’s.
Chronic joint discomfort is one of the biggest causes of poor quality of life in people over 50. Lucky for you, this is totally avoidable and totally reversible for most people. No seriously!

Another Look At Joint Health

Most people understand that heart health is an investment, you only have one heart you need to look after it. The same is true for your joints. You only get one set of knees, so it seems pretty obvious we should be doing everything we can to look after them.
As we get older our bodies need a bit more care to perform at their best. Things that we didn’t bat an eyelid at 25, can take days to recover from.
As we age our metabolic rate slows down, as does our ability to heal daily wear and tear on our joints.

Small Changes, Big Results

Thankfully small changes can make a massive difference.
By eating a little better, moving a little more, and adding a high quality joint supplement into our daily routine we can ensure a healthy supply of nutrients to our joints, so they have everything they need to start building healthy new tissue.
Give it a try you’ll be amazed how good you feel.


Maintaining Joint Health As We Age

Supporting an active lifestyle FIND OUT MORE
“I’ve been suffering from arthritis for 15 years. GLC2000 helps me walk a bit easier everyday. I wouldn’t go without it now.”

Steve P

“The soreness caused by my hip arthritis has decreased markedly.”

Thomas D

“I was a keen runner for many years, but sadly I had to stop as the cartilage in my left knee was wearing down, this used to keep me awake at night. Now I use GLC2000 to keep my joints healthy, I really feel the difference when I stop taking it for a few days.”

Victoria S



“I’d been struggling with my knees for a number of years. Then over 6 month period they started getting progressively worse, I even started getting discomfort doing simple things like walking up the stairs. Within 2 weeks of using GLC2000 I notice a real difference.”

“This year I am 65 and want to keep fit and out of an old people’s home as long as possible. GLC2000 keeps me moving so I can stay fit.
My husband (70) was having trouble with his left knee, so walking down stairs was a struggle
I persuaded him to start taking GLC2000 – result is he is no longer in discomfort and can now walk up and down stairs with ease.”


“Since joining a gym 18 months ago to try and get a bit fitter and healthier, I’ve really struggled with sore knees and elbows.
When I first heard about GLC2000 I thought it was just clever marketing. How wrong I was. Within about a month, there was no longer any issues with running plus my ‘golfers elbow’ was barely noticeable. Now there’s one less excuse for me to miss a workout. ”

“In my 40 years of practice I have seen many products come and go. I have been particularly impressed with the unique GLC2000 formula.
In the world of glucosamine and chondroitin products, GLC2000 is as good as it gets. GLC2000 works for me, for my patients and it can work for you.”


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