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Spencer Whiteley

‘GLC2000 helps keeps my aches at bay, and keeps me crossfitting’

My name is Spencer Whiteley and I have been doing CrossFit now for just short of three years.
I stumbled across Crossfit as I found a box whilst looking for a new gym soon after leaving the Army after 15 years service.
I left the Army due to the result of a near fatal injury whilst serving in Iraq in 2007, for which I needed to spend 3 years in rehabilitation, and then once I could (just about) walk I was medically discharged from the Army.
Having always been a competitive person, including playing rugby to a decent level pre injuries. I needed something new to focus on, this turned out to be Crossfit.
Spencer Whitely BoB Snatch InstaI spent the first year of CrossFit just trying to build my leg and core strength back up having had several stomach and leg, knee and hip operations. Along with not having any posterior chain strength after a long time in wheelchairs and on crutches. I also had zero mobility. This took relentless mobility and strength work before I could even get near board WOD’s.

“I always ached. So a friend recommended me GLC2000”

Anyway I persevered and kept training as I was loving it. However my damaged knee and hip had left me with a number of imbalances, which meant I always ached. A friend at the time recommend GLC2000 to me.
I ordered a 6 month supply, as I wasn’t expecting a miracle, I just wanted to give it a fighting chance to help improve my long term issues. To my surprise after around 6 weeks I started to feel benefits and less soreness.

“after around 6 weeks I felt less soreness.”

This continued to for about a year then I stopped taking GLC2000. Not for any particular reason, just the classic I felt as though I had no issues anymore so didn’t need it.
After a few months off of GLC2000, I started to get niggles creeping back that I hadn’t felt for a year. Initially I couldn’t put my finger on why this may be. Looking back now it seems pretty obvious.

“I’m back on my GLC2000, feeling good & will be sticking with it this time around”

I did some self assessment and decided get back on GLC2000, Bob’s your uncle started feeling better again! Needless to say I’m back on it and feeling good, and will be staying on it.
I’ve been doing Crossfit for over three years now and I’m pleased to say feel strong, mobile, healthy and like an athlete again. I genuinely never dreamed this would happen.

“Not only do I feel fit, but I feel fitter than ever”

Not only do I feel fit, but I feel fitter than ever, so I still have some physical limitations like no thumb on my right hand and lots of quad muscle missing off of my right leg but so what, I can and do still compete. In my opinion I do ok as well, considering my past and the fact that I work a busy full time job, as well as having just opened my box, Crossfit Blockhouse nine months ago with my wife.
This year I competed at the The Athletes Games and came 6th in the masters 35-39 category. In the 2015 CrossFit open I placed came 3rd in UK and 10th in Europe in 35-39 , 248 overall.

It’s been a wonderful and life changing 3 years and GLC2000 had played a big part in that for me.

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