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Sonny Webster

94KG U23 British Snatch & Total Record Holder
Sonny Snatch InstaWhen I am training I always struggle with knees, especially when volume ramps up ahead of a competition. I heard lots of really positive things about GLC2000, so wanted to try them in the lead up to the IWF Houston Worlds.
My preparation for the Worlds went great, and all my joints felt really good considering the training volume I was doing, especially my knees.
Overall I was pretty happy with my performance in Houston. Hitting a 151KG Snatch, 188KG Clean & Jerk for a 339KG Total. Meaning 3 competition PBs as well as 2 British U23 records, so not a bad afternoons work.
I got back from the USA and jumped straight into training. Within a week I’d run out of GLC2000. A couple of weeks of training without GLC2000 and old niggles started to resurface. It was nothing drastic but my recovery was noticeably slower even though my training volume was nowhere near as high as in the run up to the Worlds.
I’m back on the GLC2000 now, my joints are feeling great, and I’m going to make sure I don’t run out again.
Sonny Clean & Jerk Collage

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