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Simon Thomson

‘I no longer get a sore elbow after pullups or heavy overhead work’

For the past few months I’d been getting a sore elbow which would cause me to have to stop training for the best part of a week.
It seemed like high repetition pull ups, or heavy overhead work like Jerks would set it off. It would start by throbbing from the outside of the elbow and over the next few days spread across my entire elbow joint.
Within 3 weeks of using GLC2000 there was a noticeable improvement in my elbow, it wasn’t aching after training any more and didn’t hurt during any particular movement. Since then I’ve become more confident that my elbow isn’t going to flare up. Meaning I now don’t have to sub any movements in workouts.
When my elbow was no longer aching I did forget to take GLC2000 at the labelled dose for a few days. My elbow started feeling a bit stiff and a dull ache began to creep back in.
My training is now far more consistent than it has been for a long time, and I am able to train a broader variety of movements without the fear of a flare up.
Simon Thomson
Co Owner & Coach Crossfit East Kilbride

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