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“I love Crossfit, but my shoulders do not! I’ve been taking GLC2000 for 4 weeks now and can only say I am blown away by the results.”
Joe M, crossfitter

If your sore shoulder is why your sleep sucks, why your HSPUs feel horrible or your pull-ups are painful; maybe it’s time to invest in your shoulder health with GLC2000.

GLC2000 has been supporting the joints of Crossfitters in the UK since 2012 – helping UK Games athletes, top coaches and average Crossfitters deal with injuries and help them bounce back so they can do what they love.

A patented joint health supplement, designed to provide your body with key nutrients so you can forget about your shoulder and start to enjoy your training again.

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Let’s Help Get to the root cause of that bad shoulder

Key natural buildings blocks for shoulder health that we all make less of as we age

Each with unique properties for joint health. Delivered in a proven formulation that your body can use effectively.

“Without the right nutrients I was basically fighting a losing battle with my shoulder health for years”

Precise Production. For Unrivalled Results

A patented formula – proven to work more effectively than generic supplements.

Active ingredients for joint health have been proven to work for over half a century – with the clinical data to back that up. The biggest reason people don’t get results from joint supplements is because the majority of them don’t have the amount of these active ingredients that their label claims.

Since taking GLC2000 my shoulder ache has improved dramatically helping me to train harder and recover quicker

Tailored Dosing. Designed For You

Because we know you’re not the average person

For a joint supplement to help your shoulder you need to provide the right ingredients, in an effective quantity at the correct time. Not the standard one size fits all approach that doesn’t work for most of people

Since taking GLC2000 my shoulder ache has improved dramatically helping me to train harder and recover quicker


Imagine in just 2 short months…

You’re back training how you used to, sleeping comfortably through the night and you can’t remember the last time you needed to take a painkiller or rest your shoulder.

Things can turn around that quickly.

By consistently taking your personalised dose of GLC2000 twice a day.

You know something needs to change. This can’t go on. You need to get to the root cause of that shoulder.

Take the first step to feeling excited to train again, confident that you’ll make it through the session and you’ll be able to go again the next day.

“Since using GLC2000 my shoulder doesn’t hurt in the morning and feels good in the gym.”

“My shoulder doesn’t wake me up in the night since I started using GLC2000.”

“GLC2000 helped me avoid shoulder surgery. I love this product.”

Why’s GLC2000 different?

  • GLC2000 has been supporting the joint health of Crossfit athletes in the UK for almost a decade. We understand the demands high intensity WODs have on your body and especially your joints.
  • We’ve helped athletes of all ages and abilities to effectively deal with their shoulder issues, from rx Games athletes, masters winners of big sanctional events all the way through to grandparents who Crossfit to stay fit, healthy and injury free. So it can help you to.
  • GLC2000 takes the science of joint health to the next level:
We're proud to say that GLC2000 is:


Informed Sport Certified - Each batch of GLC2000 is tested to World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) standards using the Informed Sports testing process. Ensuring that it is safe for tested athletes.

GLC2000 demonstrated to regulators that it's unique formula allows significantly more active ingredients to be absorbed than generic joint supplements - so was granted a patent by the FDA.

The unique combination of ALL FOUR forms of glucosamine the body can use and the most absorbable chondroitin, mean that more active ingredients reach joint tissues - for unrivalled results.

The varying absorption rates of the different forms of glucosamine also mean there's a consistent supply to joint and connective tissues - for superior results.
It doesn't matter how good an ingredient is if it never makes it into your product. Unfortunately this is the case with a lot of other joint supplements.

Independent research has shown that some joint supplements contain less than 10% of the active ingredients that the label claims they contain. With the MAJORITY containing less than 50% 🤯


With other supplements you might as well be eating a chalky tasting sweet or worse.

Each batch of GLC2000 goes through 3 independent levels of third party testing to ensure the quality of it's individual ingredients and the amount of active ingredients matches the label.

This gives our customers the PEACE OF MIND that we provide the highest quality joint supplement so they get results.

Most supplements take a one size fits all approach to their customers.

We've found that our customers get great results and unrivalled value when they follow our extensively researched and tested dosage recommendations.

You wouldn't perform your best if you were wearing metcons 2 sizes too small or 2 sizes too big. The same is true for your joint supplementation.

For the best results check out the tailored recommendation based on your bodyweight - to ensure the right amount of active ingredients are reaching your joints.

We want our customers to get results, so GLC2000 is supplied in a 240 capsule tub, which is on average a 2 month supply for most of our customers.

We know that joint tissues are among the slowest to heal in the entire body, so 30 days isn’t enough for most people to start feeling the benefits.

To give your body a chance to heal consistently supply your damaged joint tissues with the right nutrients for AT LEAST 2 months, while you start to heal potentially years of neglect.

Q: Will it work for me?
A: Short answer YES. GLC2000 has been extensively tested and is proven to be absorbed and reach joint tissues in much higher quantities than generic joint supplements. So much so that it’s unique formulation is patent protected.

If your shoulder could benefit from any of the 4 types of glucosamine and high grade chondroitin and you follow our research backed tailored dosing strategy then… GLC2000 WILL WORK FOR YOU.

Q: How long will it take to work?
The active ingredients in GLC2000 reach your joints very quickly. Unique formula consistently provides active ingredients to your joints for upto 12 hours.

Joint and connective tissue are among the slowest in the body to repair – one of the reasons that GLC2000 comes with 240 caps or average 2 month supply.

The good news is that a lot of customers with shoulder issues seem to start to feeling a difference MUCH faster than this.

Remember that GLC2000 is providing nutrients for your body to heal. So be patient, your body is likely trying to repair years of neglect.

Q: How long will I need to use it?
If it’s working keep going! We view our customers not being in pain should be the bare minimum outcome. If you stop using GLC2000 as soon as you start to feel better you could quickly find yourself back at square one with your shoulder.

Your shoulder no longer hurting doesn’t mean that the damaged tissues in your shoulder are back to 100%. But it means things are now moving in the right direction. If supplementation is working, get everything you can out of it until your shoulder is:

  • As strong as you want
  • Back to full range of motion
  • Moving well, with no pops of clicks
  • Recovering normally
  • Keeping up with the demands of your training.

GLC2000 Customer Reviews


GLC2000 Customer Reviews




After shoulder surgery this GLC2000 has been the one staple in my nutrition thats keeping me Weightlifting. 3 years in now after a surgeon told me I’d never lift a barbell again. 2 years later I’m competing for GB at Europeans



I had shoulder injuries after years of rugby and GLC2000 is the only product that has helped me get back to full movement, highly recommend.



I have been using GLC2000 for about 4 months and I love it. Less pain in my shoulders, that allows me to train more like I used to, so I’m excited to see what next few months will bring 🙂



Since taking GLC2000 over the last 2 months. I have had major relief from joint issues. Especially in my shoulders and knees. This has allowed me to step my training up and I now look forward to my WODs instead of dreading them. Neil foley 60 years old. Co Owner CrossFit Scotland and twice CrossFit game finalist (over 50’s).



The best joint supplement on the market. Gone are the days of sore joints in the mornings after a hard training session the night before.



Having suffered a few injuries (knee and shoulder), from being involved in competitive sports most of my life I have been trying to find a supplement to keep me pain free and competing and training at the level that I am used to. Upon taking GLC2000 firstly I was a bit apprehensive but after the loading period I was getting pain relief from my sore joint. So far the product seems good and it has been working as prescribed, the only issue I would have with the product is the price, but as they say ‘you get what you pay for’.

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