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Are there benefits to different types of Glucosamine?
Yes, your body can absorb 4 different types of Glucosamine. If you are using a supplement that contains less than all 4 bioavailable types then you targeting fewer receptors and you are not getting an optimal repair response.
Various forms of Glucosamine have different rates of absorption. GLC2000s patented formula targets more Glucosamine receptors, absorbing more active ingredients for a stronger repair response and longer lasting effects.
For best results, ensure your supplement has all 4 bioavailable forms.
Is more Glucosamine better?
No. Receptors can only absorb a certain amount of glucosamine. However, the human body has four types of glucosamine receptor. By taking all 4 bioavailable types of glucosamine, the body can absorb a higher dose.
Do I need tailored dosing?
Would you wear a shirt that was too small or shoes too big? Tailored dosing is a reflection of long expensive research for improved outcomes.
Further Glucosamine Info
Further Chondroitin Info
What’s MSM?
Methylsulphonylmethane is a real mouthful. That’s why we call it MSM. It is a naturally occurring source of sulphur, a structural component of cartilage. It’s cheap compared to Glucosamine and Chondroitin and some people have adverse reactions.

How GLC2000 can make you a better athlete

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As an athlete you are always looking for a competitive edge as you strive to be better than you were yesterday. At the same time you want to minimize your risk of injury, but when you are injured you want to get back to what you love, and quickly as possible…
For the past decade GLC2000 have been helping top athletes including Tito Ortiz, Duane Ludwig and now Samantha Briggs do just that

Get back from injury fast

Injuries happen, they are a part of pushing the limits of what’s possible, but when they do you want to get back to training – fast. GLC2000s patented joint formula provides the required building blocks to help your body kick start its natural repair functions. Glucosamine has anti inflammatory properties which may help to reduce swelling and pain. It also helps to rebuild cartilage, whilst strengthening ligaments and tendons
GLC2000 contains all four bioavailable types of glucosamine in the ideal quantity for your body to repair itself. It maximises absorption and is long lasting – which means you can quickly get back to pain free training.

Train harder and remain injury free

Stronger connective tissues mean you are able to push yourself harder with less chance of injury. But the benefits don’t end there. GLC2000 also contains high dose chondroitin sulfate which reduces tissue breakdown, nourishes cartilage and helps bind water molecules for better sliding surfaces. So your body can perform to its full potential

Reach your potential

History is littered with athletes who had great talent but never reached their potential. This is usually because they were unable to consistently train and compete due to injuries. Not everyone is going to be Olympic champion, UFC title holder or Crossfit Games winner. But GLC2000 can help you remain injury free and help you reach your full potential

Best value joint formula

As a hard training athlete you want to make sure that everything you do, whether that is training, food or supplementation is the best it can be. GLC2000 is clinically proven to get you the desired results. It uses the highest quality ingredients, in the optimum dose for your body with no cheap fillers. Compared to other joint formulas it provides the best value!

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