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Royal Blue Headband



  • Unisex Pullover Design
  • Patented Sweatblock Seal
  • Dryline Fabric
  • Grip technology
  • Tapered Design
  • Antimicrobial fabric
  • One Year Manufacturers Warranty

**Currently available to preorder – Shipping estimate 9th April 2021**


Unisex Pullover Design
fits both women and men securely and comfortably – no readjusting it after every rep!

Patented Sweatblock Seal
channels sweat back and away from your eyes and face. Zero chance of sweat burning your eyes

Dryline Fabric
absorbs sweat, wicks moisture and drys super fast

Grip technology
stays securely in place during even the toughest workouts

Tapered Design
2″ wide at the front and tapers comfortably to fit above your ears at the back. No hot sweaty ears!

One Year Warranty
against any manufacturing defect.

Doesn’t Kick Up A Stink
antimicrobial fabric is embedded with silver ions to inhibit the growth of bacteria

Whether you are running, riding, racing, training or competing you can focus on your sport.

Made in USA

Hand wash, hang dry