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20.5 Mobility & Warmup Guide

20.5 Mobility & Warmup Routine Mobility work to save your shoulders & help you fly through those wall balls. There’s plenty to test your shoulders in this workout, so we want to ensure good positions especially under fatigue. There’s also a lot on squatting during the 120 wall balls so we want to move any … Read more

20.4 Mobility & Warmup Guide

20.4 Mobility & Warmup Routine Make sure 20.4 doesn’t crush you This workout will crush you if you don’t warm up effectively. Mobility Video: This mobility & warm up guide will make sure your shoulders are open and your wrists are properly prepped to make the jerks easier. We’ll also help improve your mobility for … Read more

Mobility, Warmup & Strategy CF Open 20.3

Open 20.3 Mobility, Warmup and Strategy Guide Are you fitter than 18.4?: Open workout 20.3 requires a lot of pretty heavy deadlifts. Activating and mobilising your posterior chain will help you survive a lot of hip hinging. The HSPU movement standards and handstand walks mean we’ll need to open the shoulders and mobilise the upper … Read more

Carrie Ogilvie-Brown

Carrie Barbell

My Elbow and Knee Problems were better within one tub My elbows and knees have always ached. As I increased my training to 6 days a week I started to struggle with recovery, and these occasional aches became pretty much constant. I started picking up small injuries and niggles in both my elbows and knees, … Read more

Mike Collin

Mike Climbing

GLC2000 is a total godsend for me My joints feel older than their years I’ve worked outdoors my entire life; trick riding, weight training, swimming, rock climbing, all take their toll. Obviously you can go for massages, acupuncture and other therapies but if the correct nutrients aren’t there then you’re basically swimming upstream. I don’t … Read more

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