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20.5 Mobility & Warmup Guide

20.5 Mobility & Warmup Routine Mobility work to save your shoulders & help you fly through those wall balls. There’s plenty to test your shoulders in this workout, so we want to ensure good positions especially under fatigue. There’s also a lot on squatting during the 120 wall balls so we want to move any … Read more

20.4 Mobility & Warmup Guide

20.4 Mobility & Warmup Routine Make sure 20.4 doesn’t crush you This workout will crush you if you don’t warm up effectively. Mobility Video: This mobility & warm up guide will make sure your shoulders are open and your wrists are properly prepped to make the jerks easier. We’ll also help improve your mobility for … Read more

Mobility, Warmup & Strategy CF Open 20.3

Open 20.3 Mobility, Warmup and Strategy Guide Are you fitter than 18.4?: Open workout 20.3 requires a lot of pretty heavy deadlifts. Activating and mobilising your posterior chain will help you survive a lot of hip hinging. The HSPU movement standards and handstand walks mean we’ll need to open the shoulders and mobilise the upper … Read more

Carrie Ogilvie-Brown

Carrie Barbell

My Elbow and Knee Problems were better within one tub My elbows and knees have always ached. As I increased my training to 6 days a week I started to struggle with recovery, and these occasional aches became pretty much constant. I started picking up small injuries and niggles in both my elbows and knees, … Read more

Mike Collin

Mike Climbing

GLC2000 is a total godsend for me My joints feel older than their years I’ve worked outdoors my entire life; trick riding, weight training, swimming, rock climbing, all take their toll. Obviously you can go for massages, acupuncture and other therapies but if the correct nutrients aren’t there then you’re basically swimming upstream. I don’t … Read more

Tom Parker

Tom Snatch

Stubborn Wrist Injury. Sorted I struggled with a stubborn wrist injury for almost 5 months. I couldn’t lift overhead and couldn’t put my wrist into extension at all, which made day to day tasks tricky. Nothing seemed to help I did everything I could to fix my wrist, I rested it, did mobility and rehab … Read more

Katy Smith

Katy Barbell

Helping my joints survive masters weightlifting High Volume Squats Were Making My Knees Sore I was looking for a supplement to help my joints survive the vast volume of squats I am programmed on a weekly basis! I started taking GLC2000 on the recommendation of my weightlifting coach – who uses the product himself. Now … Read more

Aaron Holt

Aaron Jerk

Now I train how I want, not how my body can cope My body was struggling I found myself in a situation where my body couldn’t cope with the training volume I needed to progress and compete in Weightlifting. Old injuries would flare up, ache and swell after almost every session, so I was taking … Read more

Kyle Clark

Recovering from ACL surgery in half the time After an ACL reconstruction on my left knee I was still getting some pretty severe pain. At the same time I was also struggling with pain in my ‘good’ knee. It was so frustrating that I was making no progress with my post surgery rehab. A friend … Read more

Kelly Baker

Kelly B Clean

I want to train and compete for as long as possible, that’s why I look after my joint health Prevention’s Better Than Cure I want to train and compete in CrossFit for as long as possible, so looking after my joints is crucial. I started taking GLC2000 as a preventative measure to support my training. … Read more

Steven Turnbull

Steven Bike

No more wrist brace Two Years of Problems I’d been struggling with wrist and shoulder problems after I broke my wrist mountain biking. The break healed, but the movement and mobility of my wrist was limited and painful. This started to cause shoulder pain where I was compensating for the pain and lack of flexibility. … Read more

Chris Gregory

Chris Squat

Dealing with ‘clicky,’ achy knees My Clicky Achy Knees were getting worse I always suffered with ‘clicky’ knees, as I started to train and compete in Crossfit and Weightlifting I found that my knees also began to ache a lot. I’d struggle to recover between sessions and at the same time my knees were getting … Read more

Open 20.1 – 4 Step Warmup & Mobility Guide

4 step warmup & mobility guide to increase performance & prevent injury Don’t let tight muscles or stiff joints derail your CF Open performance: 1. General Warmup: Spend 10-15 mins raising your core temperature and warming up the muscle groups that are going to be engaged during 20.1. A combination of 250m row, lunges, press-ups, … Read more

Crossfit Rotator Cuff Rehab

“So I’ve just finished a 2 month trial of the supplement called GLC2000 which aims to improve the health of joints and connective tissues. After opting not to have surgery on my torn rotator cuff, torn labrum and torn cartilage I was looking for ways to reduce the pain and aggravation in my shoulder from … Read more

Masters Online Qualifiers 2018

With the Crossfit Games 2018 Age Group qualifiers almost upon us; here’s a quick look at some of the top UK masters athletes. Each year the masters categories get more competitive, with previous Rx’d Games athletes moving up. Top masters athletes are training harder than ever before, often fitting in two training sessions a day … Read more

Matthew Lee

‘Its true what they say, you get what you pay for’ A year or so ago I had some ongoing discomfort in my knee and took some cheap glucosamine tablets that I got from a supermarket. They had literally no effect. This pretty much made my mind up that joint supplements were pointless. Recently I … Read more

Noorin Gulam – Overcoming Knee Tendinopathy

‘Let’s talk about knees.. and elbows, wrists, shoulders, ankles, hips while we’re at it. If you lift/lead a lifestyle in sport you NEED to invest in GLC2000 its just the best thing. If you actually ever read my captions you’ll know I struggle with my crappy knees but I’ve been consistent with GLC2000 for 2 … Read more

Open 18.5 Mobility Guide – Improve Thoracic Mobility & Decrease Hip Tightness

Open Workout Déjà vu If you’ve been doing Crossfit as long as we have you probably have mixed feelings about the announcement of Crossfit Open Workout 18.5.  “Who votes for thrusters anyway?!?!” On the plus side it gives you a chance to prove you are fitter than you were in 2011 & 2012. But if you … Read more

Crossfit Regional Athletes Overcoming Long Term Wrist Injuries

The wrist is one of the most frustrating places Crossfit athletes can get injured. Almost all upper body movements involve the wrist, as do the majority of compound movements including the olympic lifts, gymnastics moves and other barbell work. The wrist a small junction where a lot of ligaments, tendons and nerves pass to the … Read more

18.4 Mobility and Activation Guide

Heavy Deadlift Edition There is no shying away from the fact that 18.4 is a lot of deadlifts. These will tax you midline and then going upside down for HSPU and handstand walks is going to cause you to move from lower back flexion to extension in a fatigued state. If you don’t warmup effectively … Read more

18.3 Mobility Guide

Focussing on improving overhead positioning and kipping efficiency 18.3 is a lot of double unders followed by some quite technical movements. Overhead squats, dumbbell snatches and muscle ups are tricky enough when you’ve not just done 100’s of double unders. Mobilising your upper back and shoulders before this workout will help you to stabilise the … Read more

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