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"Tastes great & helps support a healthy diet"
Comes highly recommended by our customers...
Gillan Ross on Aug 14, 2021

Best supplement I’ve bought by far

Gabby on Jun 03, 2021

I’m not a lover of fruit so this is a great way of getting some extra vitamins into my diet without all the hassle of juicing. It tastes great and is not too sweet.

deltupuhi@gmail.com on Dec 27, 2018

By far the best tasting supergreens drink I have ever drunk. Actually tastes like mixed red berries. I have my fix every night without fail.. 10/10

RICHARD VAUGHAN on Oct 30, 2018

I decided to try GRN20+ after successfully using GLC2000 to help me rehabilitate my shoulder. It tastes great and if you mix it properly there’s hardly any residue left to down at the end. GRN20+ ensures I get a daily superfood fix that’s hard to intake on even the best of diets.

A stress free way to get variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Most importantly you’ll look forward to drinking it.

GRN20+ is a great addition to your daily routine
Why should you take GRN20+ daily?
  • Variety of Fruit and Vegetables: It’s hard to pack a broad spectrum of nutrients and vitamins into our daily diet. GRN20+ provides the variety of 20+ servings of fruit and veg, helping you to take an important step towards optimal health.
  • Nutrient Density: Intensive farming methods have lead to a substantial fall in nutrient density of vegetables and fruits in our food chain. GRN20+ is a powerful and convenient way to add high quality phytonutrients to your diet.
  • Gut Health: GRN20+ adds probiotic strains and digestive enzymes to your diet through friendly live cultures alongside soluble fiber to improve digestion and overall gut health. Recent research also shows that the benefits of probiotics go way beyond the stomach, including helping to avoid infection, boost your immune system, improve women’s health, fight obesity and prevent allergies.
  • Boost Energy and Metabolism: Having the right nutrients helps your body have the energy it requires throughout the day. This combined with all natural stimulants like green tea extract, help to increase energy whilst increasing metabolism for a healthy way to speed up fat burning.
  • Joint Health: Whilst it's no GLC2000 when it comes to joints. GRN20+ contains a number of vitamins that your body uses to build cartilage, tendons and ligaments, so is essential for healthy joints. GRN20+ also contains ginger and turmeric, both are linked with reducing inflammation.
  • GRN20+ is a non-GMO superfood blend that is gluten free, with no added sugar or salt and contains no preservative, wheat or MSG.

Six months from now, when people come up to you and they ask, ‘What have you been doing? I want some of that. Whatever it is, you look amazing,’ you can’t put a price tag on that feeling. Shop today and see how GRN20+ makes you feel.”