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Laurence Garrett on Oct 16, 2020

I am 67 years old and I have been taking GLC2000 for the past 3years after I had an operation on both my knees, one after the other and after having some physio on both of them, and because I still wanted to carry on doing crossfit a sport that I had done for a lot of years I was introduced to GLC2000 which helped me and my joints continue to carry on doing the sport I enjoyed. I have always been involved in sport so looking back I wish I’d have known about this earlier. I still do workouts just not as many as I use to do but fortunately I do them with out any pain and I am able to move quite freely.

Steve Ruda on Oct 16, 2020

After damaging my shoulder with a possible ligament tear. I was told to take it easy as surgery was a no no at my age . After only a few days of taking GLC2000 I’m now doing 100+ push ups every day and pumping weights with no pain or shoulder clicking at all. I’m loading my cross Fit HIIT routine with new sets and have noticed an explosive agility in movement. Combined with other supplements I seem to have loads more energy . More so than in my twenties. Dare I admit I’ve hit my sixth decade but my body feels like its only 30 years old. I’ve always taken a daily Glucosamine dose but after trying GLC it has really upped the anty on performance. Try it’ll be amazed at how good you feel. I’ll be buying more tubs to stock up. Maybe my chance of doing the Marathon Des Sables is still within reach !!

Jo Simms on Oct 04, 2020

Suffered with long term shoulder issues. Really seems to have helped. No gimmicks just does what it says on the tub

John Withinshaw on Sep 22, 2020

As a PT my body gets a fair share of abuse, my shoulders in particular. Since taking GLC2000 (2 MONTHS NOW) I’ve been able to carry on with both training and sleeping. I’m not one for magic pills but in all honesty, these are 👍

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