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Barry Mc grogan on Sep 13, 2020

After 2 knee ops both knees suffered badly with pain. 4 weeks in to using glc I am training with no knee sleeves and knees feel great.

Matthew Abercrombie on Jul 16, 2020

Great product
Had physio
Had mri
No answers
Agony for years now all but mostly gone
Changed my life truly grateful!!! on Jun 02, 2020

I’ve tried glucosamine before, various brands with limited benefit. Within a week of trying GLC2000 alongside turmeric the constant pain in my shoulder started to easy. 1 month in and I’m lifting weights that previously would have reduced me to 2 weeks of intense pain. I was sceptical at the outset but now I’m definately a convert! on May 15, 2020

I have been diagnosed with osteo arthritis in my shoulder for which I received a steroid injection and receive regular physio. I lift weights 5 times a week and the pain was only showing minor recovery. I felt I had nothing to lose by trying GLC 2000 although I was already taking a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement. I am now almost pain free after 2 months and have just ordered more. I have recommended them to fellow bodybuilders, who like I was are sceptical but I cannot stress enough how they have helped relieve my pain.

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